Mary Ford is a Seattle based artist, art director, and stylist. Although she often works through many different mediums, her introduction to her creative practice originally began by styling her friends and family. From a young age, Mary saw the potential in styling to be a visual language that could communicate how people present themselves and how others perceive them. She followed this potential by seeking out formal training at Otis College in Fashion and Design. After attending Otis, Mary continued to take commissions and work collaboratively with other artists, filmmakers, designers, and stylists to broaden her exposure and hone her craft. Mary got married, had children, and continued to incorporate her creative practice into her lifestyle. Every piece or work of art always shows the hand of its maker – Mary takes advantage of her hand by incorporating it back into her style and aesthetic. Although her mediums and influences have a broad range, her work often focuses on moments of imperfection that make you look a little harder and a little longer. Rather than simply producing, designing, and creating copies for specific markets, Mary seeks to make work with a broader perspective that allows for idiosyncrasies to emerge. Mary’s process continually shifts between many mediums and modes, from sculpture to drawing to styling. Rather than maintaining a difference between each medium, Mary combines them into one cohesive practice. Her unconventional approach to art, styling, and art direction explores a language that allows her to communicate a freedom of expression, regardless of medium or subject. This freedom of expression can be seen in her breadth of influences and its aesthetic effects – from Wayne White to François Truffaut, Mary seamlessly moves across mediums to execute the idea and goal at hand.